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  • Pakistan tries to relate Kashmir to US Afghanistan planning, Washington remains firm the two issues aren’t related

Pakistan tries to relate Kashmir to US Afghanistan planning, Washington remains firm the two issues aren’t related

Pakistan may want to relate Kashmir to the US’s restored Afghanistan plan. But Washington today made it clear Kashmir is not part of any equation and do not relate them to each other.

The US said its position on the worried Indian state remains together: Both sides should sit down and talk to each other.

The US state department today was firm about this in reply to a particular media question on the problems.

Hence the question: “…does the U.S. see moving forward for a solution on Kashmir as part of this regional planning to deal with Afghanistan?”

The state department women showed “no” saying that nothing has changed with consider to the US policy on Kashmir.

“On the part of Kashmir, our regulations on that have not changed. Thus we continue to cheer the sides to sit down and meet together about that,” said women Heather Nauert.

Another side, Pakistan went right forward and related the US’s restore Afghan planning. Hence this planning included possibly the harshest warning toward Pakistan in past few times about it harbouring terrorists – to Kashmir.

Pakistan foreign ministry said few words in an official statement. After US President Donald Trump declared the US’s new planning for Afghanistan and the area.

“The risk to peace and safety cannot separate from the complicated interchange of geopolitics. It continued survival of bad conflicts and search of hegemonic policies. Non-resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir conflicts remains the primary hurdles+ to peace and kind in the area”. This statement is out by Pakistan’s foreign office.

To get sure, the US state department woman did say that the new regional planning fit in India and Pakistan. Hence she made it confirm it was from a “30,000 feet” up viewpoint.

“Well, I think going up to 30,000 feet, we see the whole planning and controlling Afghanistan as being a regional planning, and that, because course, fit in India as well as Pakistan…”, said by Nauert.

Hence still the US, which does not want Kashmir. It means anything that will make Afghanistan steady again.

To that part, “…fitting in all the nations in that area who can – we believe can help guide and help make Afghanistan a steady place. Where you shall never have a terror flock that will take root in that country again and can throw attacks on other countries”, is an area approach.

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