Android 8.0 or Android O – Latest updated version will out soon

The biggest news for the android lovers this year is that they will get the latest update version of Android soon. The latest version of Android will be Android “O”. Android “O” is not loaded with the huge up-gradation over Android 7.0; still it is packed with lot of improvements and changes.

Android versions are updated every year and this time the change will be named as Android “O”. The final release of this updated version has no specific date but it is expected to be launched after July this year. Some of the features will be experienced after digging the phone and some of the new features will show up on the surface.

Some major announcements were made at the Google’s recent keynote conference. Android “O”, the latest Android operating system was the highlighted topic of that event. Android 8.0 is packed with lots of new features including Android wear 2.0 with a completely different refreshed design.

Here I have made a small list of the changes highlighted so far.

. Improved and customized notifications

. Different nifty animated battery status

. Camera app built with few interface tweaks, a new button added for switching between video recording and camera modes

. Few additions in keyboard features

. Notifications will appear totally in a new look

. Will provide enough control on the background running applications

. Provides better handling over gestures

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Android O is developed brilliantly to extend battery life of its user’s device. An automatic limit has been put on the app background activities by the Google in Android O. For the Android users it simply means less consumption of energy and longer battery life.

It will be easier to find such apps that consume more power in Android O. Usually this list ends up with only Whatsaap or Facebook, but now users can see few others battery draining apps. Some of the apps consume power even from background, finding those apps will be easier with Android O.

The updates will be faster than before because of the vendor interface of Android O. Vendor interface will make the Android more modular results in the easy updating. The whole process of Android update will be done independently through these vendors implementations.

Reboots will be faster and apps will be more responsive. System optimization time will be half thus the app performance will be dramatically increase further. Google play protect service will optimize Android security and analyze the behavior of the app. This service will help to detect malware and will remove it from Google play and your device.

Here are some hardware support features

. HDR display support

. Improved Bluetooth support

HDR is truly an important feature but there was little support before. With Android O, image processing apps will define how to display and save image resources.

Android O will support rich quality Bluetooth codecs and audios including LDAC. LDAC is developed to transfer large volume of data at the bit rate of 990kbps or more through Bluetooth. This will ensure better audio quality of the devices running on Android O.

Here are some surface features of Android O

. Copy/pasting on Smartphone will be smarter and easier. Whenever user will try to copy/paste an URL, address or phone number, the whole will be selected automatically not just one word.

. Users will get wider range of new round emojis that are using currently on other platform like whatsaap and iOS.

. The apps icons will be developed enough adaptive so that they can adapt automatically according the device UI. It means that the apps icon will change automatically in two different Android devices.

. Searching installed apps will be easier with Android O. A unique search function will make searching apps fun and the apps will be appeared in the search results. Thus, apps can be quickly accessed with this unique search feature.

. Android O will provide unique new notification features. This time Google is introducing ‘notification dots’ and ‘notification channels’. These are the new categories developed for the notifications that will deliver users detailed and more control over the notifications.

Users can easily change or block notification settings without accessing the app but just by topic or channel. On the notification bar users will get these channels that will be visually grouped together. These notification features are developed to match the standards of iOS and other Android alternatives.

. Integrating app widgets will be easier with Android O. You don’t have to find out the widget list rather than just long press your app’s icon you want a widget, simple and easy.


Change is good and this time it will be better with Android O or Android 8.0. Every year Google release the update version of Android and this year Android lovers will get Android O. This version of Android operating system will be equipped with more incredible and unique features.

From new camera features to new mortification features Android is going to be unique this year. This update will be available in many Android devices including almost every brand of Smartphone. Upcoming Android devices will be developed with Android O and many existing devices can be updated to this latest version.

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