Top Most Innovative Types of Power Banks For Mobile

Since power banks are growing quickly every day, it means that there are quite a lot of companies that are selling power banks. With so many companies selling power banks, it has caused lots of innovations to happen and the result of innovation is that there are quite a lot of types of power banks on the market. In this article, I’ll be going over the most innovative types of power banks and why they can be very useful to you.

Rugged Power banks

Rugged Power banks

Just like nearly all electronics on the market, power banks are fragile and if you drop just any power bank onto the hard ground it will most likely get damaged and break. The scary thing is that power banks are the one type of charging electronic that needs protection from falls because they’re portable. That is why Rugged power banks exist. Rugged power banks are just like any other power bank, but they have structural protections that make them shockproof. So even if you drop a Rugged power bank onto the hard ground from a high height then it will most likely not get damaged.

In addition to being shockproof, Rugged power banks are also waterproof. With that said, a Rugged power bank is only waterproof when its charging ports are covered by a USB port covering that most Rugged power banks have. Another thing to note is that different Rugged power banks have different Enclosure levels.

An Enclosure level is the amount of exposure to water and dust a power bank can withstand until it’s compromised and damaged. Some power banks are labeled as “Waterproof” and yet they can only withstand splashes of water; then there are ones that are fully sealed and those are the ones that can be submerged into water.

Power banks with Built-in Cables

Power banks with Built-in Cables

Power banks that have their own cables are the best to have if you have trouble forgetting to bring your charging cable with a power bank. All other charging electronic are stationary, so USB wall chargers, car chargers, and Wireless Chargers almost always have a charging cable with them at all times. However, you can easily take your power bank, put it in your pocket and forget your charging cable at home; when that happens then your power bank is basically useless.

So having power banks with its own built-in cable is great to have because as long as the power bank has a power capacity it’s going to be useful. There is also power banks have taken it even further than just a single cable. Some have two built-in cables such as a Lightning and Micro-USB cable, a USB port so you can use any charging cable with it and there are ones that take it full circle with having a built-in way to recharge the power bank itself.

Power banks that have built-in methods for recharging usually use either a USB cable or an AC Adapter. An AC Adapter is one of the best innovations because that way, the power bank is able to become a USB wall charger.

Two of the main types of Power Banks

types of Power Banks

Power banks come in all different shapes and sizes and that can mostly be attributed to the power capacity. The power capacity of a power bank defines how you go about using it and the also the size and weight of the portable charger.

Which is why power banks mostly come in two different versions at their base.

power banks

Low Capacity – There are power banks that have low power capacities and these ones are within the 3,000mAh to 5,000mAh range. They’re really small as a low power capacity means that only a single battery is used most of the time, and as a result, these portable chargers are able to fit into a pocket and be held in a single hand. With that said, they do hold a few flaws just like the other type of power bank which we’ll be getting to in a just sec. The flaw with Mini power banks though, is that their power capacities are really only meant for charging smartphones a single time and it doesn’t make sense to charge larger devices like tablets as they most likely won’t charge to full power.

These small power banks also use a single USB charging port most of the time that features slow charging speeds. However, Mini power banks are also the type of power bank that are innovated the most. There are small power banks that feature 2 Amp charging and even ones that have USB-C to charge USB-C compatible smartphones at max speeds.

power banks

High Capacity – Then there are the more useful power banks that are used as much as Low capacity power banks. The reason for that is because power banks that have high power capacities means that there are more batteries being used, as well as larger ones. Ultimately, the power bank itself is going to be larger and heavier.

On the bright side, everything else about these large power banks is better than ones that have low power capacities. A power capacity within the 20,000mAh to 30,000mAh range means that they’re able to charge multiple types of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and even laptops multiple times over. These power banks make use of many USB charging ports so you can charge many devices at once.

One main thing to look out for is power banks that use Quick Charge or USB-C. That’s because if you own a smartphone that is compatible with either of those charging technologies then you’re able to charge it at max charging speeds.

Power banks implemented on cables

Power banks are the most versatile charging electronic on the market, and power banks that are parts of cables are proof of that. Power banks on cables have very low power capacities, even lower than Mini power banks because they have power capacities of the only 450mAh. With that said, they’re really only meant for emergencies.

What makes power banks so great in this case is that you can plug the charging cable into your devices and as long as the power bank has power, you’re able to charge your devices. Another great thing is that charging cables that have power banks implemented onto them can be used just as any other charging cable by using them with USB wall chargers, Car chargers, and Wireless chargers.

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