11 Essential Android Apps that You Should Install Now

“Are you wondering about the apps which you need to install on your android phone? Read the blog to know about the essential ones. “

Essential Android Apps

Essential Android Apps

Well, there is a flood of applications to choose from these days. The options are quite overwhelming when you open the play store and you can actually spend hours scrolling through them and reading about them. But yes, not all of them are important; and you definitely should install only the important ones so that you do not end up cribbing about the shortage of phone memory.

If you stay updated about mobile phone news and tips and tricks related to the apps, then you must already know about the essential ones (apart from the regular ones like Google drive, Facebook messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and etc). But if not, then don’t worry. I have shortlisted some of the most useful applications that you require installing on your mobile phone immediately. Take a look.

    • Amazon Kindle: Even if you are not a bookworm, still you should install this app on your phone or tablet. Trust me you won’t regret when this would become your best friend while traveling to work or during the lonely weekends. Amazon is still the kind of the “e-books” sector and yes, loved by most of the users.
    • BBC: To keep yourself updated about world news, local news or technology related ones like Nokia 6 smartphone news, you must have a app like BBC on your phone.
    • 1Weather: If you follow articles or guest blogs on android phones or smart phones, then you must have already come across this amazing weather application. Well, it will make you aware of the current and upcoming weather conditions and is extremely helpful. The best part is that it lets you know about any upcoming storm or extreme climatic condition so that you can be prepared.
    • CamScanner: Well, this has been a blessing for students and working professionals. CamScanner helps you scan your documents whenever you want! Isn’t that amazing? Well, it is true that you wouldn’t require using it on a daily basis, but it deserves a place on your phone to back you up during the urgent situations.
  • Headspace: You might not have heard of it until and unless you are one of those gadget and technology freaks who share reviews and experiences through the “write for us” sections of mobile technology related sites and follow them regularly. Well, headspace is basically a stress relieving application which will help you maintain your emotional balance by enlightening you of certain meditation techniques. It is becoming popular by the day.


    • Google fit: Fitness apps are really popular these days, and one of the best one is this one. It helps you to stay fit which is absolutely necessary given the kinds of lifestyles we have these days. It will also enable you to collaborate with other fitness apps so that you can get the best results out of it.
    • Google maps: Well, this is one of the most useful apps ever! No longer do you need to call people to get the directions and reach a destination. Google maps is a user-friendly application which will guide you with the directions in the most convenient way.


  • Uber: You must keep a ride sharing app to save money, even if you travel by car, bike, or use other commuting options. You never know when you will be exposed to an emergency situation! Uber is one of the best ones in this sector.
  • Netflix: Well, if you want the entertainment bit to be there on your phone, then do not forget to install Netflix! Get your daily dose of drama from this user-friendly app!
  • Zomato: If you are a foodie and want to indulge in delicacies every now and then, then Zomato should be there on your phone. It guides you about new restaurants and has a detailed information regarding the location, menu and prices.
  • Yummly: If you love cooking and collecting new recipes, then the Yummly app should be there on your phone. You will find really interesting ones and you can surprise your family with a treat every now and then!

So, these were eleven android apps that I think should get installed by you immediately! Don’t delay anymore and install them now.

These apps might have some android hidden tricks as well, which I would share in my next blog.

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