Here Are Our Top Pick for Kitchen Based Smart, Smart Appliances

If you love everything about technology, then you likely look for ways where you can include ore of it around your home. And while there may be people that tell you that you need to reign in your tech spending and to install, we are here to tell you that you should indulge your hobby and find more ways to include technology in your home!

Smart Appliances

A Slow Cooker

Before you say anything, we know that slow cookers have been around for a long time, and they are nothing new. However, do you know what is new? Being able to turn them on, off, and control the temperature from your phone. And not just from your phone while you’re in the house, while you are at work! Imagine being able to turn your casserole down to simmer while you are work so that it doesn’t burn before you get home!

Pots and Pans

Remember the good old days where you just put a steak on the grill and watched it cook, or if you were feeling fancy, you could use a voucher from the Groupon Coupons page for Ohama Steaks to enjoy a nice meal? Well, get ready to cook more steak at home with smart pans!

Smart pans can provide you with information about the temperature of the pans, the type of food that is inside it, along with information on how well the dish is cooking.

Trash Can

Imagine a trash can with a camera on the outside, so that you could scan the items that you were throwing away for it to then place them on your automated shopping list.

Guess what?! It’s real! Smart trash cans are becoming quite popular in the consumer world of technology as they are a great way to minimize a common household pain – forgetting to restock on items you ran out of.


Everybody loves coffee! It’s the one thing that wakes the world up in the morning. And thanks to technology, gone are the days where you need to wait until you get out of bed before you can start your daily brew. Smart coffee machines can be controlled by your smartphone from the comfort of your own bed, including which flavors to press and which types of coffee to make you.


Do you remember when you simply put things in your fridge to make them cold, then took them out to consume them? Consider that the distant past. Modern friends now come with technological inclusions such as touch screen panels on the front and barcode scanners which, similar to your smart trash can, help you manage your shopping and grocery list.

When it comes to technology in your home, the kitchen is the perfect space just waiting to be filled! In addition to these items, browse your local electronics store or check out what’s available online and see how smart you can make your kitchen! Of course, remember that you still need to be in control – lest your coffee maker starts to boil you!

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