Google Global cache (GGC) service is now live in Cuba

Using internet in cuba is not so easy, accessing internet at private home is still illegal in Cuba, only government issued cyber cafe are legal where people can access internet. But the things are changing slowly, its improving as days passes. Recently Google confirmed via mail to eWeek that its GCC (Google Global Cache) service has gone launch in Cuba, except that there is no more data provided.

These all thing are workout 4 months after Google signed an agreement with Cuba’s national telecom provider, ETECSA, to use its technology and services to access high bandwidth activities quicker. Google become the first foreign internet company to host internet content inside cuba

While google had deal with ETECSA, Madory set up a system that would notify him when the Google’s servers in Cuba were live and on 27 April morning, he got pinged

So the first time in Cuba someone watches specific video on YouTube, it may take a while to load. But if their neighbor then decides to watch that same video, it should load much faster, because it has been stored on a nearby server and doesn’t need to travel as far, so frequently used content locally catching speeds up internet

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