Best Budget Smartphones 2017: Buy Today

Smartphones are one of the common needs of human these days, which is the major reason for the connection, communication, and resource. The smartphones have more option and choices to be select from and therefore when there are a lot of options available, there is a lot of confusion as well.

Before buying a smartphone list down its features and your preferences accordingly, so that you can select the best smartphone for yourself. Other than that, there can be many options available in the market so that one can choose according to their choice and needs as well.

Before Buying a Smartphone in your Budget keep these things in mind:

1. Value for money:
Before buying a smartphone always consider the factor of value your get after spending money. Some smartphones are considered better than others as they have better features in fewer prices ass compare to the smartphones which offer fewer features in higher prices. The factor of value for money should be considered to get more and better features at low prices.

2. Features of smartphones:
Not everyone is looking for one particular feature that is why there are many options in smartphones and different models for each smartphone brand offering different features. List down the priority of features you are looking for such as a better camera, a better design, and style, a better storage space or a good processor. Once you have decided what you are particularly looking for you can search many options according to it.

3. Resale value:
The smartphone trends keep on changing and new features are introduced rapidly, therefore, you might want to sell your old smartphone and but a new one. Some brands have better resale value than the other brands and it helps you recover your money back. Try to buy a smartphone which has better resale value as compare to the others in the market. It will help you buy new smartphone whenever you want.

List of Best Budget Smartphones to buy today:

You can choose a good smartphone within your budget keeping in mind a good mobile in return of your money. There are some smartphones which are equipped with good features with an average budget. We have listed down some good options for you to select your smartphone in the best budget to buy today.

1. iPhone SE:
The iPhone are considered as high-class smartphones but the iPhone SE are one of the iPhones which are considered average budget smartphones available in the market. This iPhone is considered as the cheapest iPhone available in the market equipped with a 12-megapixel sensor and a video capacity of 4k. It has very famous colors and designs which keep your love of iPhone alive.

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2. OnePlus 3:
The OnePlus is a well-known combination of good features with fewer prices. The OnePlus has given a tough competition for leading smartphone companies who claim to provide great mobile in less money. This mobile has a beautiful design and a well-equipped processor of 820 Snapdragon. This smartphone has 6 GB RAM which gives you a fast speed and good storage capacity. The beautiful look of the mobile provides a complete and premium look.

3. Samsung Galaxy A3:
Samsung Galaxy A3 is one of the best smartphones available in less money. This smartphone is one of the best sellers of Samsung; it is equipped with glass body with beautiful metal and very good battery backup. It has a powerful Quad-core processor and 1.5 GB of RAM for fast speed. Other than this, Samsung Galaxy A3 does not have a full HD screen so if you are looking for a complete HD display this is not a goof option for you. This model also has a good resale value which ensures your money security.

4. Sony Xperia E5:
The Sony Xperia E5 is one of the popular and economical Sony smartphones which is equipped with powerful Sony processor and features. This smartphone is equipped with good battery backup and has beautiful and durable designs and style. The smartphone is good for doing day to day tasks and provide full function, on the other hand, the both the front and back cameras of this smartphone do not have amazing results. This set is good for regular use.

5. HTC Desire 530:
The HTC desire is another good smartphone model available in the market in low priced and has good performance as well. The best feature of this smartphone model is its beautiful design which provides you a complete high-end look. Other than this smartphone model is not have very well performance and do not have a complete bright display as well. The HTC Desire is an average smartphone available in the best budget. The camera is also average and lacks the RAM as well. This is the better option of the day to use and can be bought when low on budget and required a beautiful looking smartphone.

6. ASUS ZENFone 3:
This smartphone might not as popular as others but it doesn’t make it less competitive, ASUS ZENFone 3 is a very good performing smartphone in the economical range which is providing better performance in using and gaming as well. It is equipped with 16 MP rear cameras which are not commonly found as well as a good battery backup as well which last entire day when fully charged. Another amazing feature of ASUS ZENFone 3 is its beautiful and sleek design which makes it more valuable. When searching for a good smartphone is an average range, ASUS ZENFone 3 is the best buy equipped with all good features and low prices. It has a beautiful screen of 5.5 inches and LCD display to provide you sharp color contrast on the same time. Also, a powerful processor of 2.0 HZ SnapDragon with a good RAMS to provide you a good speed.

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