Wireless Communication and How it Changed the World

Today it is quite difficult to imagine our everyday lives without the use of computers and smartphones. Since 2011 the world has drastically changed because of the continuous growth of wireless technology. The impact of this technology and type of communication is extraordinary and here are just some of the impacts it had on the world we know today.

Medical Care

The health care all around the world is heavily impacted by the development of wireless technology. The distribution of medical treatments and information has never been easier. For example, wireless devices like smartphones and tablets used by the health care professionals in different parts of the world fulfilled the huge gap which was present when medical information and treatment guidelines were in question. This simply improved the speed of finding cures for specific diseases in third-world countries. Accordingly many lives were saved thanks to wireless communication.

After Catastrophes

Wireless communication also made the spreading of news all around the world much faster, almost instant, which made it possible for people to view some of the greatest catastrophes lately. Thanks to smartphones and other communication devices early warnings were spread quickly allowing people to prepare or evacuate. Also, rescuers could communicate better with survivors and at the same time this type of communication made it possible to get in touch with the friends and family after the catastrophes.

Protecting the Environment

At the same time the protection of the environment got a completely new dimension thanks to wireless communication. Today, smartphones are used to follow the endangered wildlife species, their habits and movement. It has been proven that environmental groups achieve better results with text messaging campaigns than with sending emails when they need to inform about specific goals or needs. As a result, the entire process of taking care of endangered species has become much faster and easier.

Business is business

The way companies function drastically changed with the development of wireless communication. Now it is much easier to stay in touch with the customers, no matter where they are. Companies contact their customers via email or instant messages. They can even send you an SMS the moment you approach their store to inform you about discounts and sales.

News Reporting

Additionally the news are covered quite differently today than before thanks to the smartphones and they capabilities to act like cameras, Dictaphones, video recorders, and send all the photos, videos and voice recordings instantly to any part of the world. So practically, everyone can become a news reporter and send photos and videos to some of the leading TV channels or newspapers.


The possibilities when we talk about entertainment are endless now when the wireless communication technology has developed so much. We can easily download eBooks to our tablets and smartphones, read newspapers online, stream and watch videos, movies, listen to music and so on. So, if you have a smartphone and a working internet connection we can say that you can’t be bored any more.

Supporting a Common Cause

When we talk about supporting a common cause, we have to say that wireless communication made everything much easier. Now it is much easier to spread the word about whatever we want and make people much more engaged.


In the past mobile devices were banned from the classroom because teachers thought they were distracting students. However, as the technology develops wireless communication devices are being used more and more very day and they make the teaching and learning process much more interesting. For example, if you teach Math and you are trying to explain your students the difference between perpendicular and parallel lines you can give them an assignment to use their smartphones to take photos of everyday items which illustrate these lines. As an additional task they can either email you the pictures, or upload them to a blog you can make together.

Or in case you teach your students about the stars, you can ask them to use their smartphones to take photos of the night sky. Or if you teach foreign languages, you can certainly make a picture dictionary with your students. And all of this is possible because students now have internet access everywhere they go.

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