WhatsApp Video Calling: How To Get Access To This Feature

WhatsApp has launched months but probably the most eagerly awaited has been video calling. Some users briefly flirted with WhatsApp Video calls back May however it took until October before a greater pair of Android device owners could easily get involved. Now, the Facebook-owned company is able to unleash WhatsApp video calling on everybody and in the coming days will roll out the feature to iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Once the feature is activated, open a chat and select the phone icon. You’ll then be provided with an alternative to position a voice or video call. Whenever we tested the feature, we discovered that voice and video quality was excellent over strong WiFi, however your mileage can vary greatly if you’re connecting using a mobile or slower broadband connection.


That WhatsApp video calling took until November 2016 to reach on WhatsApp reflects the app’s cautious — some might say glacial — way of product development. WhatsApp launched in 2009, but group chats didn’t come until couple of years later, and voice calls didn’t come until four years after that.

But 2016 has been unusually productive for WhatsApp, which Facebook bought in 2014 for $22 billion. In 2016 the organization introduced a computer client, end-to-end encryption, and features for writing and drawing together with photos. The business also desires to mingle its data with Facebook’s, in order to eventually generate income from businesses chatting with you on WhatsApp, but Europe is having none of it.

That is clearly a direct shot at such things as FaceTime, which only works on Apple devices, in addition to newer arrivals, like Google Duo, which only runs on later versions of iOS and Android or iOS 9 and up.

May very well not immediately see video calling in WhatsApp today, however. The rollout is staged, meaning it’ll arrive over the occasions ahead since it reaches the whole WhatsApp user base.

WhatsApp Video calling isn’t the sole new addition to reach recently. The organization also rolled out two-factor authentication in certain of its beta versions, hinting that its next big release is actually a security-focused upgrade.

By retaining its simple interface but embracing more vivid connections beyond texting, WhatsApp could flourish with users regardless of how they would like to communicate

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